Kitchen Science

For fun science that you can do at home, check out: "A Home Guide to Kitchen Science Experiments." This website was contributed by Amy from Mrs. Ward's class in northeast Maine.


At Home Science Lessons

Mystery Science is a popular science curriculum. They have provided lessons for free that are suitable for at home use for distance learning.


Family Card Games for Math Skills

Standford's DREME Network stands for Development and Research in Early Math Education. Researchersand scholars review and collaborate to help promote outcomes for young children in math. This link has card games appropiate for PreK-Elementary Students.


For Young Engineers

For "engineering" projects and lessons, these two website resources are great!


General Online Education

If you are looking for online schools or resources, you may want to check out this website! Please note that Eureka! cannot endorse or recommend specific programs for your child.


Homeschooling Support

We have now received the "Home School Seal of Approval" for our programs! If you are homeschooling your child, please contact us for support with science topics.

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