Eureka! McConnell Science Museum is a non-profit organization that was founded by John McConnell. We operate with a small employed staff and a large group of dedicated volunteers who bring math and science to life. Thanks to the generosity of Mesa County School District 51, Eureka! is currently housed in New Emerson School where we have had the pleasure of learning with over 68,000 students and families since 2000.

Eureka! has evolved from its earliest beginnings as a volunteer effort by John McConnell, teaching scientific principles to kids through hands-on demonstrations that he created. During that time the project was given the name SITHOK, which stands for “Science In The Hands Of Kids”. After reaching about 5,000 students per year, the Mesa County School District granted John a space for Eureka!.

The goal for Eureka! is to make the basic elements of science and mathematics available for students and adults to investigate hands-on. The majority of the stations and exhibits have been constructed for several of our volunteers. Eureka! hopes to redefine the way people think about, learn about, and interact with science and technology by making it fun for everyone.

Eureka! is primarily funded by donations from outstanding members of the community. Would you please consider joining them?