The EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum is always seeking dedicated individuals to assist with making the basic elements of science and mathematics available for students and adults to investigate hands-on. Positions at the museum range from part-time STEAM Internships that help run and teach science programs, to administrative positions that help plan programs and reach the public, to engineers that help build exhibits, to full-time teaching positions that make an impact in a significant amount of programs offered at the museum. Open positions are listed below, please email hiring@eurekasciencemuseum.org with any questions about other positions available. Applications for STEAM Interns and Instructor are accepted year-round for the upcoming season. If you are interested in volunteering at the EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum, please see the Volunteer page

Staff Testimonials

Charea Magday: Former Animal Care Specialist

Charea Magday (1).JPG

Hi! My name is Charea, and I worked on the Critter Care team caring for our terrestrial animals from August 2022 until I graduated college in December 2023! I really love animals, so working with the critters was an amazing experience. Aside from feeding and cleaning their enclosures, I mostly spent time cuddling the animals and learning about their personalities. This position helped me learn about caring for many different species besides your typical dogs and cats. It also allowed me to learn how to work independently, since I typically came in after museum hours. I think the best part is that I got so many pictures and videos of these amazing critters. I am planning on going into wildlife rehabilitation after this, so my time at EUREKA! will definitely help me out in the future. Thank you to the EUREKA! staff and the animals for helping me learn and grow. I hope that my time spent on the team helped many people learn about all the wonderful things these animals have to offer and I'll truly miss every one of them (even the scorpions).