Volunteering at Eureka! is a great way to support hands-on learning! Recent volunteers have included teachers, architects, welders, woodworkers, scientists, writers, artists and gardeners. Everyone is welcome to apply, even high school students! Call 970-254-1626 to find out how to get started! There are many different ways to get involved:

  • Exhibit Docent: engage our visitors with personal interaction and enthusiasm.
  • Exhibit Maintenance: build or repair Center exhibits.
  • Instructor: be an assistant instructor for our field trips and classes.

We need help with our move to the new facility

The first task in moving to the new facility is to critically review all of the current exhibits to determine if they are in satisfactory condition and effectively meet Eureka!'s criteria for exhibits. Sixty were selected that need to be improved before the move. Getting them ready for opening day is a large task! Volunteers are welcome to help prepare exhibits for the move and build new ones.

Come join us

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