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Tails and Trails in South East Australia with Claudette Moore

EUREKA! Volunteer Claudette Moore shares about the natural history and more from her travels in South East Australia.

Two Weeks in the Arctic with a Long Bow with Mark Kadnuck

EUREKA! Volunteer Mark Kadnuck takes us on a trip to the Arctic in search of caribou and more!

Grand Canyon Ecology with Lisa Kearsley

Grand Canyon's extremes in elevation and temperature provide for a rich diversity in plants and animals and fascinating adaptations to Grand Canyon's challenging environment. We will explore these biotic communities as well as learn how some plants and animals have formed symbiotic relationships enabling them to thrive in this amazing place. Presenter is: Lisa Kearsley, MA, Grand Canyon Conservancy Instructor.

After the Asteroid with Ian Miller, PhD and Tyler Lyson, PhD of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Sixty-six million years ago a 6-mile-wide asteroid slammed into Earth and caused the extinction of more than 75% of life on Earth, including the dinosaurs. How and when life rebounded in the aftermath of the extinction has been shrouded in mystery due to a poor fossil record. An extraordinary new discovery east of Colorado Springs preserves a remarkably complete fossil record with entire fossil mammals, turtles, crocodiles, and plants that paints a vivid picture of how life rebounded after Earth’s darkest hour.

The God of Prime Numbers: Mathematical Poetry in History and Practice with Dr. Dan May, Associate Prof. of Mathematics, Black Hills State Univ.

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Fire Ecology in the 21st Century with Claudette Moore

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Wildland Urban Interface interactive map

Climate Change on the Western Slope

Fossil Fish of the Green River Formation with Mel Bersch

Behind the Scenes with a Principal Engineer at the University of Washington's Applied Physics Lab, Eric McRae

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From Exploding Zoospores to Flesh-Eating Fungi, Life as a Jill of All Trades Researcher in Grand Junction with Margot Becktell, PhD.

Life of a Trilobite Through Extinction and Beyond with Bambi Harmon

Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief Program with Amanda McQuade

Unmapped Caves of Mexico with Mike Davlantes

Climbing Mt. Whitney with Allan Conrad

Natural Wonders of South Africa with Claudette Moore

Mt. St. Helens 40th Anniversary with Randy Spydell