No School Day Camps

Grades K-5

$32 per day for Members

$37 per day for Non Members

  • Jan 7 – Engineering 101 (K-2) /Animal First Aid (3-5)
  • Jan 21 – Geology Rocks 101 (K-2) /Creatynker (3-5)
  • Feb 11 – Makerspace (K-2)/ Scratch Coding 201 (3-5)
  • Feb 18 – Safety Goggles Required (K-2) /Engineering 201 (3-5)
  • Feb 25 – Secrets of the Desert (K-2) /Wilderness Survival (3-5) + $10 per camp
  • March 11 – Paleorific (K-2) / Geology Rocks 201 (3-5) – Field Trip + $10 per camp
  • March 18-22 – Science School of Wizardry (K-5)
  • April 29 – Musical Science 101 (K-2) /201 (3-5)
  • May 6 – Scratch Coding 101 (K-2) / Junk Yard Wars (3rd-5th)
  • May 31 – Zoology (K-2) / Alternative Energy (3-5)

No School Day Camp Daily Schedule:

  • 7:30am-8:30am Early Drop-Off / Daycare (additional fee)
  • 8:30am - 9:00am Drop Off / Daycare
  • 9:00am - 1:00pm Science Lessons
  • 12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch / Recess
  • 1:00pm – 4:30pm Science Lessons
  • 4:30pm - 5:00pm Clean Up
  • 5:00pm - 5:30pm Pick Up / Daycare

Each day will include time in the exhibit hall. Please send your child with a water bottle, two snacks, and sack lunch each day.



This add on program for any day-long program at EUREKA! allows parents to drop off their child (K-8th grade) at 7:30am for an extra hour of child care. During this time, EUREKA! Instructors will be supervising children.

$5 per day for Members

$6 per day for Non Members

January 7


Engineering 101 (K-2nd)

What do engineers do? Spend a day as an engineer and be introduced to a variety of engineering fields! Students will solve problems using the engineering design program to complete a variety of engineering challenges such as reverse assembling/assembling ball point pens, saving energy through design, and tower building.


Animal First Aid (3-5th)

Calling all animal lovers! This camp will teach you how to care for animals when they need your help. We’ll learn how to stop bleeding, how to apply bandages, how to help if an animal is choking, and so much more. Don’t miss out on this camp…your pet may thank you someday!

January 21st


Geology Rocks 101 (K-2nd)

From Earth’s layers, to natural disasters, to plate tectonics, there is plenty to uncover in this beginners’ guide to geology. Campers will learn about the dynamics of the earth, how it formed, and how it will continue to change throughout their lives!


Creatynker (3rd-5th)

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind your screen? Using immersive online games, this camp is a perfect introduction to the world of computer programming for youngsters. From building web applications to programming hardware, after this camp, opportunities are endless for students with a passion for computers.

February 11th


Makerspace (K-2nd)

Get your creative juices flowing as students act and think like engineers! In this camp, students will use their critical thinking skills to design, build, tinker, and overcome challenges with hands on activities. Students will be engaged with projects covering topics in engineering, robotics, animation, and problem solving.


Scratch Coding 201 (3rd-5th)

Computer lovers, creators, and future programmers, welcome! Using their creativity, computer skills, and Scratch coding, campers will be able to create their own video games, animated stories and interactive art online. After all, the future is computer!

February 18th


Safety Goggles Required (K-2nd)

Put on your safety goggles and join this camp to experience mind boggling science! Kids will think like scientists to experiment with chemicals, while learning about the science of things that are too small for us to see with just our eyes.


Engineering 201 (3rd-5th)

Mechanical, Aerospace, Chemical, Materials, Civil, Environmental Engineering and more! In this engineering-filled day of camp, students will learn about the various fields while completing various engineering activities. We’ll reverse engineer used appliances, compete in a catapult/fort engineering challenge, and build a rubber band powered boat.

February 25th


Secrets of the Desert (K-2nd)

The desert holds a place in the world as one of the most grueling terrains in existence. Despite the challenges, there is no shortage of desert animals and plants. Students will learn the various adaptations these animals and plants use to survive. With an additional $5 fee, a half day field trip to local paleontology is provided.


Wilderness Survival (3rd-5th)

Lost, hurt, or stranded outdoors – never underestimate the challenges of the wilderness. Topographic maps, compasses, computing trail pace, selecting appropriate clothing, and having a stocked first aid kit. In this wilderness survival camp, students will learn the importance of each of these wilderness essentials to help you survive in the great outdoors! With an additional $5 fee, a half day field trip to local paleontology is provided.

March 11th


Paleorific (K-2nd)

Dinosaurs, sea creatures and earth’s history, oh my! In this camp we will look at these multimillion year old fossils and the prehistoric environments they came from. Understanding how these critters turned into fossils is the name of the game, as we explore earth’s geologic history and the evidence of life that has been left behind. With an additional $5 fee, a half day field trip to local paleontology is provided.


Geology Rocks 201 (3rd-5th)

How do natural disasters occur? What creates the landscapes we see around us? What is the Earth made out of? Campers will dig deeper into understanding the structure, and the movements of this planet we call home. With an additional $5 fee, a half day field trip to local landscapes is included in this rockin’ camp!

March 18-22nd


Science School of Wizardry (K-5th)

Come experience the magical world of the Hogwarts School of Wizardry. Learn to care for "magical creatures", craft "potions" with chemistry, and so much more! From potions to Herbology, you'll walk away a witch or wizard before you say "Expecto Patronum"!

April 29th


Musical Science 101 (K-2nd)

What do music and science have in common? Come see how these two seemingly unrelated topics go together hand in hand as students learn to write their own music, build instruments and explore the science of sound using music, science, and mathematics!


Musical Science 201 (3rd-5th)

Why do some songs get stuck in your head? Why does my singing sound so good in the shower? Why does some music give me goosebumps? Students will explore the science of music through listening to music and real-life sounds as well as creating sounds of their own in this musical science camp!

May 6th


Scratch Coding 101 (K-2nd)

Do you love video games? Or have a creative itch you would like to scratch? With the aid of Scratch online, students will be given an introduction to the world of computer code in this tech friendly camp!

May 31st


Zoology (K-2nd)

Here at Eureka our biology exhibit will be the focal point of this camp, as we explore life on this planet with Monty the python, Rosy the riveting tarantula and more! Be warned, students will enter, but masters of zoology will leave!


Alternative Energy (3-5th)

Running out of gas? This camp will teach students how to get around town using the Earth’s renewable resources. Campers will put their building skills and creative thinking to the test to find new ways to stay Green!