Student Medical Documents

If your student needs to be administered medication, the following steps must be taken:

  • For physician prescribed medications:
    • Guardians must submit a written and signed request for prescription. All medication delivered during camp hours will need a medication plan written out with our Medical Administrator staff that covers the necessary information required for that child's specific medical needs. Every medication will need a completed Medication Administration Permission form.
      • Families can also contact their student's school nurse if the forms are already on record, and EUREKA! can accept copies from the school.
    • Families must provide the medication in the original container with the student’s printed name, dosage, and directions. Staff will not be able to accept medication outside of it’s original container.
    • A trained Medical Administrator staff will administer the medication at the assigned time.
    • Guardians are allowed to come to the school to administer medication themselves, without written request.
    • If a student is NOT self-carry, all emergency medication (epi-pens, albuterol, etc) will be kept in a EUREKA! medication backpack, and will be carried by staff when the student is present.
    • All authorized non-emergency medication will be stored in a locked medicine box on a shelf that’s inaccessible to students.


  • For over-the-counter medications:
    • EUREKA! is unable to administer over-the-counter medications during camp days, with the exception of traveling and overnight programs. Guardians are allowed to come to the museum to administer medication themselves, without written request.