Leadership Camps

EUREKA! Leadership Camps: Counselor in Training (CIT) Program

(10th-12th Grade)

Times: 8:30am-5:30pm

Location: EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum

Fees: $50 per two week camp members / $60 per 2 week camp nonmembers

The Leadership Camps are two weeks long and each will have a specific focus designed to provide high school students entering 10th-12th grade with opportunities that will promote personal growth and will hopefully lead to a paid EUREKA! Internship in the future. Under guidance from the EUREKA! STEAM Instructor, CITs will work alongside EUREKA! Instructors to gain valuable experience teaching science and working with kids. Above all, the CIT Program will allow participants to walk away with valuable leadership skills that will serve them well at home, in school, and in their community. The opportunity to do this while having a positive impact on EUREKA! Day Campers (ages 5-12) is not to be missed! The CIT Program is for students who have demonstrated responsibility, maturity, enthusiasm, a genuine interest in working with kids, and are passionate about science.


Week 1 & 2: June 3-14
Leadership Focus: Communication Skills & Teamwork
Learn how the EUREKA! team works together to achieve a common goal: getting science into the hands of kids. Investigate leadership styles, discover your dominant leadership style, and improve your ability to communicate to co-instructors and students to maximize understanding.


Week 3 & 4: June 1-28

Leadership Focus: Lesson Plans & Teaching

Learn how to write effective science lesson plans, practice teaching to day campers (ages 5-12), and learn how to make science learning fun!


Week 5 & 6: July 8-19

Leadership Focus: Classroom Management

How do you get the attention of your students? How do you set the stage at camps to prevent behavior problems in the first place? What do you do when a student misbehaves? This camp will cover all of these and more! You’ll be able to observe EUREKA! Instructors utilizing these techniques and be able to try them yourself.


Week 7 & 8: July 22-Aug 2

Leadership Focus: Safety of Campers & Instructors

You just returned from recess and a student tells you that his sister isn’t in the classroom – YIKES! What procedures do we use to ensure this doesn’t happen at EUREKA! and what steps are available when safety issues arise?