Come explore and find out what tens of thousands of students have discovered on their field trips since Eureka! opened in January 2000.

Eureka! McConnell Science Museum features over 150 interactive, hands-on exhibits. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the satisfaction of learning about science from astronomy to zoology, and everything in between. At the Eureka! McConnell Science Museum, the learning is in your hands.

Human Gyroscope: Become a human gyroscope in this demonstration of the laws of motion. Discover the surprising effects of applying force to a spinning wheel.
Augmented Reality Sandbox: Interact with a virtual landscape in the Augmented Reality Sandbox. Learn about erosion and watershed as you move entire mountains, dig valleys and create virtual rainstorms.
Live Bee Hive: Watch a real bee hive in action! Find the queen or observe as worker bees come and go, busily working to build up the hive, care for larvae, and make delicious honey.