Birthday Parties

Basic Party Package

  • Presentation/party room for 2 hours
  • Admission to Eureka! for party guests (up to 15 children and 10 adults)
  • $90 for members (additional guests $5 per person)
  • $120 for non-members (additional guests $6 per person)
  • Additional options:
    • 15 gift bags for children - $15 (additional bags $1 per bag)
    • 15 invitations - $15 (additional invitations $1 per invitation)

Slime Party

Choose from a variety of slimy creations for your birthday boy or girl to make. From glow in the dark, to cosmic slime, we are sure to have a grossly great time.

Dinosaur Party

Come along on our very own excavation as we discover the treasures below the surface.

Rocket Party

Join us as we design and build our very own rockets with a final launch that will take your party to a whole new world!

Volcano Party

Come ready for an explosively good time as we create our own volcanoes with built-in eruption.

Animal Kingdom Party

Hand out with some of the animals that call Eureka! home, and learn some fun facts about the animal kingdom.

Shocking Electricity Party

Feel the flow as we explore electricity and how it works. From hair-raising static electricity to understanding how batteries work, you are sure to walk away fully charged!

Minute to Win It

The clock is ticking and it is up to you to get your brain going to figure out these mind-melting challenges.

Crazy Chemistry Party

Collect your safety goggles on your way into the lab, because we are going to be getting crazy with a wide array of chemical experimentation.

Escape the Lab

You and your party are trapped in a room, and it is up to you to discover the clues to gain your freedom. Raid the lab and find the keys to get out!

Space Out Party

Grab your space helmets as we travel deep into space for this out of this world party. From constellations to planetary exploration, we are sure to discover a good time.

Below Zero Party

Join us as we explore the science of Liquid Nitrogen, a subzero substance capable of freezing things solid and making some delicious treats.

Under Pressure Party

Feeling pressured to put on a good party? Have no fear, Eureka! is here! Learn why force over area equals a good time.

Fabricate Party Favors

Anyone can buy their party favors, but here at Eureka!, we make our own. Learn about the science of having fun!

Reservations are required a minimum of 2 weeks prior to event (Saturdays only). Admission price includes entrance to the exhibits and use of the presentation room EXCLUDING access to integrated projection equipment. Decorations/cake/drinks allowed in presentation room but not provided by Eureka!. $25 refundable deposit required at time of booking; deposit may be applied to admission charges.