Summer Camps Incoming 9th-12th Grade

EUREKA! Day Camps

In partnership with WCCC & CMU

Times: 8:30am-5:30pm

Location: EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum

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Member Fee: $155 per week

Non-Member Fee: $180 per week

Daily Schedule:

8:30am-9:00am Arrival

9am-12pm Science Lessons

12pm-1pm Lunch/Recess

1pm-4:30pm Science Lessons

4:30pm-5:00pm Clean Up

5pm-5:30pm Departure

Early Drop-off option

Times: 7:30am-8:30pm

Location: EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum

Member fee: $25 per week

Non-Member fee: $30 per week


Each day will include time in the exhibit hall. All campers will be able to enjoy free lunches from the Lunch Lizard every day of camp! Plus, 9th-12th grade campers will be swimming at Lincoln Park Pool thursday afternoons!

Weekly Themes


June 3-7: Sports Physics

Gaining real-life experience in sports physiology may sound too good to be true, but that's exactly what students in Sports Science will receive! Students will apply their classroom learning at the Monfort Family Human Performance Lab on the Colorado Mesa University Campus with Engineering professor Scott Bevill. Electromyography, high-speed analysis, Vicon 3D motion capture, Bod Pod, force plates, and more! This camp is in partnership with WCCC and CMU.


June 10-14: Anatomy and Physiology 501

Learn how the human body works as you study the different structures and systems within us. Students will explore what's inside us through simulated dissections, scientific investigations, and and offsite visit to the St. Mary's simulated laboratory. This camp is in partnership with WCCC and CMU


June 17-21 Design for Repurposing

Investigate how machines work by breaking down and dissecting equipment. Get creative and think like an engineer by taking those parts to repurpose them into a new device of your choice! This camp is in partnership with WCCC and CMU


July 8-12: Explore Engineering

Do you have an interest in engineering? Or, maybe you're considering pursuing an engineering degree? Explore the fields of engineering, visit engineering firms and facilities on field trips in Grand Junction such as Reynolds Polymer and Coors Tek in this hands-on engineering camp. You will work directly with other CMU engineering students, EUREKA! staff, and CMU Engineering professor Sarah Lanci using the state-of-the-art engineering equipment like the wind tunnel in the CMU Confluence Hall Engineering Building. This camp will introduce you to the various engineering disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, civil, materials, and environmental engineering as you discover the world of engineering. This camp is in partnership with WCCC and CMU.


July 15-19: Explore Aerospace

Launch into space with explorations of aerospace concepts and technology. Design air foils to be tested in the CMU Engineering wind tunnel, explore how atmospheric science affects flight through the launch of a weather balloon, learn from astronauts and apply your knowledge in several hands-on projects. This camp partners CMU engineering professor Sarah Lanci and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology in Confluence Hall. This camp is in partnership with WCCC and CMU.


July 22-26: Creative Curation

Interested in museum curation? In this camp, students will act as a director of an institution of their choice, in charge of designing the building, developing what goes inside, and what marketing their institution. Students will then present their development plans to a panel of judges, competing against the other teams' business plans. This camp is in partnership with WCCC and CMU.


July 29-August 2: Measuring Science

How do scientists measure sound? Oxygen? and, so much more? In this camp, scientists will learn how to use computer-based scientific measuring tools (Vernier software and probes), to then develop and conduct their own scientific investigation. Scientists will then present their investigation to a panel of judging in a mini science fair.


July 8-12 Explore Engineering

Do you have an interest in engineering? Or maybe you're pursuing an engineering degree? This is the perfect camp for you! Explore the field of engineering in this hands-on engineering camp. You will work directly with other high school students, CMU engineering students, CMU engineering students, EUREKA! Staff, and CMU engineerinf professors to build a science exhibit using state-of-the-art engineering equipment in the CMU Confluence Hall Engineering Building under direction of Sarah Lanci, CMU Engineering Professor. vThis camp will introduce you to the various engineering disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, civil, materials, and environmental engineering as you discover the world of engineering. This camp is in partnership with WCCC and CMU.

EUREKA! Leadership Camps

Times: 8:30am-5:30pm

Location: EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum

Member Fee: $50 per 2 week camp

Non-Member Fee: $60 per 2 week camp

The Leadership Camps are two weeks long and each will have a specific focus designed to provide high school students entering 10th-12th grade with opportunities that will promote personal growth and will hopefully lead to a paid EUREKA! internship in the future. Under guidance from the EUREKA! STEAM instructor, CITs will work alongside EUREKA! instructors to gain valuable experience teaching science and working with kids. Above all, the CIT Program will allow participants to walk away with valuable leadership skills that will serve them well at home, in school, and in their community. The opportunity to do this while having a positive impact on EUREKA! Day Campers (ages 5-12) is not to be missed! The CIT program is for students who have demonstrated responsibility, maturity, enthusiasm, a genuine interest in working with kids, and are passionate about science.

Leadership Focus


June 3-14: Communication Skills & Teamwork

Learn how the EUREKA! team works together to achieve a common goal: getting science into the hands of kids. Investigate leadership styles, discover your dominant leadership style, and improve your ability to communicate to co-instructors and students to maximize understanding.


June 17-28: Lesson Plans & Teaching

Learn how to write effective lesson plans, practice teaching day campers, and learn how to make learning science fun!


July 8-19: Classroom Management

How do you get the attention of your students? How do you set the stage at camps to prevent behavior problems in the first place? What do you do when a student misbehaves? This camp will cover all of these and more! You'll be able to observe EUREKA! instructors utilizing these techniques and be able to try them yourself.


July 22-Aug 2: Safety of Campers & Instructors

You just returned from recess and a student tells you that his sister isn't in the classroom - YIKES! What procedures do we use to ensure this doesn't happen at EUREKA! and what steps are available when safety issues arise?

EUREKA! Expedition Camps

Times: 8:30am Monday - 5:30pm Friday

Location: Monday Drop-off & Friday Pick-up at EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum

Science + Outdoor recreation = One Memorable Week of Science Adventures! These overnight adventure camps will include FIVE days and FOUR nights of environmental-based science exploration. Campers will have opportunities to participate in outdoor recreation activities that are common to the area each day ranging from mountain biking, to whitewater rafting, to hiking, to camping. The experiential education focus of the Expedition Camps will surely allow campers to learn about the natural world and acquire outdoor skills while having fun!

Weekly Themes

June 3-7 Colorado River Hydrology & Snow Science

Location: Shrine Mountain Huts on Vail Pass

Member Fee: $450

Non-Member Fee: $540

Winter is 5 months away but the snow is still here! Come study snow science, rare wetlands, the alpine ecosystem, climatology, and forestry on Vail Pass. We will be staying in 10th Mountain Division huts on top of the pass. This adventure includes hiking and snowshoeing! This camp is generously underwritten by Ute Water, Grand Valley Water Users & Irrigation Districts.

June 17-21: Rock 'n' Waves

Location: Unaweep Canyon & Ruby Horsethief

Member Fee: $500

Non-Member Fee: $500

The only canyon on Earth with two mouths! The fascinating geological wonder is a playground for geologists and cartographers. Students will study geology while rock climbing, and botany while hiking. The second half of the camp will be on the Colorado River where students will paddle the Ruby Horsethief section of the Colorado River!

July 29-August 2: Learning at Altitude

Location: Leadville CMC

Member Fee: $450

Non-Member Fee: $540

Did you know Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the US, located at 10,152 feet? Stay in the dorms at Colorado Mountain College and learn about Leadville's unique mining history, fen wetlands, climate, geography, and ecosystem. This adventure-based camp will include hiking, low ropes course, and a tour of the National Mining Museum.This camp is generously underwritten by the Teen Support Fund from the Western CO Community Fund