Mike Bikes the Anchor Leg

Mike Bikes the Anchor Leg.png

It's the Final Stretch!

Mike Perry is back for the final leg of his incredible trek across the United States to support science education and outdoor investigation for youth in Mesa County!

In his final year, Mike will bike from Tonowanda, NY to Battery Park to dip his wheels in the Atlantic Ocean!

Our goal is to raise $23,000 as Mike Bikes the Anchor Leg!

To support Mike as he bikes the final 563 miles to raise funds for youth enrolling in science programs at EUREKA!, click here to fill out the pledge sheet online, download the pledge sheet and return to the museum, or donate online and select the Mike on a Bike scholarship fund!

This journey began back in 1999 when Mike Perry completed his first cross-state biking trek in Oregon. Over the years, he continued through Idaho, Utah, across Wyoming, and Colorado. Back in 2020, Mike dusted off his wheels again to raise funds for youth enrolling in EUREKA!'s science and mountain biking programs as he biked 457 miles across Nebraska.

In 2021, Mike was back on his bike to support EUREKA! as he continued biking 487 more miles from Nebraska through Iowa and Wisconsin to finish just on the edge of Michigan. Last year, Mike biked 526 miles along the Great Lakes from Michigan to Niagara Falls!

This year, Mike will begin the final 563 mile journey in June to cross New York and finish with wheels in the Atlantic Ocean!

His daughters, Allyson Willoughby and Adrienne Hartly, will be joining him for the ride again this year, as will Chris Brown (of Brown's Cycles!), Nita Kroninger, and Brenda Sabo. Nita and Brenda are former colleagues of Mike's from his time at the Museum of Western Colorado.