Mike Bikes the Anchor Leg

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It's the Final Stretch!

Mike Perry is back for the final leg of his incredible trek across the United States to support science education and outdoor investigation for youth in Mesa County!

In his final year, Mike will bike from Tonowanda, NY to Battery Park to dip his wheels in the Atlantic Ocean!

Our goal is to raise $23,000 as Mike Bikes the Anchor Leg!

To support Mike as he bikes the final 563 miles to raise funds for youth enrolling in science programs at EUREKA!, click here to fill out the pledge sheet online, download the pledge sheet and return to the museum, or donate online and select the Mike on a Bike scholarship fund!

This journey began back in 1999 when Mike Perry completed his first cross-state biking trek in Oregon. Over the years, he continued through Idaho, Utah, across Wyoming, and Colorado. Back in 2020, Mike dusted off his wheels again to raise funds for youth enrolling in EUREKA!'s science and mountain biking programs as he biked 457 miles across Nebraska.

In 2021, Mike was back on his bike to support EUREKA! as he continued biking 487 more miles from Nebraska through Iowa and Wisconsin to finish just on the edge of Michigan. Last year, Mike biked 526 miles along the Great Lakes from Michigan to Niagara Falls!

This year, Mike will begin the final 563 mile journey in June to cross New York and finish with wheels in the Atlantic Ocean!

His daughters, Allyson Willoughby and Adrienne Hartly, will be joining him for the ride again this year, as will Chris Brown (of Brown's Cycles!), Nita Kroninger, and Brenda Sabo. Nita and Brenda are former colleagues of Mike's from his time at the Museum of Western Colorado.


Day 9 - June 27, 2023

Wheels in the water!! The team finished the 563 mile journey to the Atlantic ocean with a final 59 miles. Ending in Battery Park, Mike completed a 3,310-mile long journey that began in 2001. Many days were just plain hard, others were better than great. Today was surreal for the team as they rode miles in lush greenery before crossing over into the land of skyscrapers, traffic, and people everywhere.

Mike's convinced this goal made many years ago would never have been completed without a purpose. He offers many thanks to EUREKA! volunteers, board members, staff, and of course all the students in EUREKA!'s STEAM education programs for offering him a reason to continue.

Most importantly, a very special acknowledgement is due to the support crew who were always there with food, drinks, supplies, and words of encouragement! This ride would have been absolutely impossible without them.


Ready to kick off the last day.

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Crossing the finish line into Battery Park


Journey is officially complete!


The best support team (from left to right): Ed Migues, Mitch Hartly, Sandy Perry, Rachel Brown, and Mike Willoughby.


The end of an epic journey. With the Statue of Liberty just seen off to the left.


Views along the way.


And a steep climb!

Day 7 and 8 - June 25 and 26, 2023

Day 7 wasn't all rest - the gang caught up with some miles to get in another 26 before enjoying a nice dinner out.

Day 8 was another long, hard day of rain and lightning hitting too close for comfort. The team was forced to end just shy of their 70 mile goal, but the day was still filled with many fun moments. Tomorrow the day and the trip will end in Battery Park!


Holed up in a Burger King to wait out a thunderstorm.


Testing some new rain gear.

Day 6 - June 24, 2023

55 miles today but it felt like 100. The team was soaked by the time they arrived at the airbnb in the Catskills. Tomorrow the gang gets to play tourists for the first time since the ride began. A well-deserved day of rest and fun!

The Erie Canal Trail has been left behind and the team is now riding south towards NYC on the Hudson Valley section of the Empire State Trail.


Donning rain gear and preparing for a wet, soggy day ahead.


A battleship they pass in Albany.



One of many beautiful scenes along the way.


A quick snack break.


Rained on but ready to keep going.


Some last motherly advice before heading off for the day.


Chris pumped for the ride.


Mike is all smiles as they finish up the day's riding.

Day 5 - June 23, 2023

Another 70 miles closer, St. Johnsville to Albany! Riding through more villages and towns makes everyone wish there was more time to explore this area. Today the asphalt made for easier riding and we see more and more cyclists as we get closer to larger cities. We are looking forward to our rest day and have pushed hard to keep on schedule! At least 8 hours a day on the bike leaves everyone ready for a break!


A practice run for the end! Unfortunately there's no water around to dip the tire in so onward we bike.


Allyson and roadside turtle she moved back to the bushes.

Day 4 - June 22, 2023

Canastota to St. Johnsville - another 75 miles down! The most miles of any day, Day 4 is just about the halfway point of the ride. A nice canopy of trees, vines, and lush vegetation prevented the team from getting baked by the sun. Riding surfaces later in the day smoothed out for the last 20+ miles. A highlight was celebrating Brenda Sabo's birthday with cupcakes, candles, and cheesecake! The day was filled with animal sightings including chipmunks, squirrels, muskrat, roadkill porcupine, rabbits, snakes, and a salamander. Only 1 flat today - and Allyson's first in many years!


Getting an early start at 7:30 am


Brenda leading for the day, setting the pace and giving motivation!


A very Happy Birthday to Brenda!


Crossing over lock #36


Smooth asphalt and some nice shade before calling it a day at 75 miles


Couldn't miss showing appreciation for the great state of New York!


Portions of the historic locks

Day 3 - June 21, 2023

Another great ride from the secluded forested trail along the canal to downtown Syracuse and the bustle of a big city, the Erie Canal took the group right through the city and traffic! Very fortunately, Mike is unharmed after getting hit and thrown from his bike after a driver ran a stop sign. The team recovered from this minor accident and finished the day riding crushed limestone trails for a total 70 miles. 8+ hours riding each day leaves the team tired and ready for a shower each evening!


Riding through downtown Syracuse

Day 2 - June 20, 2023

The group rode from Brockport to Clyde starting at 7:30 am! The ride along the canal has been the most enjoyable of any previous trips. The views, greenery, and traffic-free trails have been the best. The trail has been a mix of hard-packed stone dust and asphalt, with very little road traffic. The weather has been excellent with moderate temperatures, cool breezes, and no rain as of yet!

The route adjacent to the Erie Canal has been a living history experience. The team spends a lot of time visiting with the lovely locals, as they have stories to share and are curious about this adventure in turn!


A final douse of sunscreen before setting off for the morning!


Beautiful scenery all along the way.


Riding through beautiful communities along the canal.


Chris is riding the same bike he rode from Colorado Springs to New York when he was 16!


A road under the canal.


The team at take-off!


Biking along the Erie Canal Trail


Still a team after all these years biking together!

Day 1 - June 19, 2023

The team took off at the beginning of the Empire State Trail in Tonawanda, NY for a filled what turned into a day filled with locks along the Erie Canal. The Canal is hailed as one of the wonders of the world as an engineering marvel and its impact on opening the west to settlements and commercial trade. Day one concluded at the town of Brockport, 62 miles downstream of Tonawanda.


Chris and Mike fix Adie's first flat - it was a marvel to watch a real professional at work!


A short stop at one of the locks