EUREKA! Expedition Camps

EUREKA! Expedition Camps (6th-12th grade) & Hybrid Expedition Camp (4th-5th Grade)

Times: 8:30am Monday – 5:30pm Friday

Location: Monday Drop Off & Friday Pick Up at EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum

Fees: varies based on camp

Science + Outdoor Recreation = One Memorable Week of Science Adventures! These overnight adventure camps will include FIVE days and FOUR nights of environmental-based science exploration. Campers will have opportunities to participate in outdoor recreation activities that are common to the area each day ranging from snowshoeing to whitewater rafting to hiking to camping. The experiential education focus of Expedition Camps will surely allow campers to learn about the natural world and acquire outdoor skills while having fun!

Transportation Options Include: Traveling with us from EUREKA! to the camp and back OR Meeting us for camper drop off & pick up at camp location

Week 1: June 3-7

Location: Shrine Mountain Huts on Vail Pass

shrine mtn huts.jpg

Fees: $450 members / $540 non members

Max: 12 beds in Jay’s Cabin (10 campers & 2 staff)

Science Curriculum: Colorado River Hydrology & Snow Science

This camp is generously underwritten by Ute Water, Grand Valley Water Users & Irrigation Districts

Winter is 5 months away but the snow is still here! Come learn about snow science, rare wetlands, the alpine ecosystem, climatology, hydrology, and forestry on Vail Pass. We will be staying in 10th mountain division huts on top of the pass. This adventure camp includes hiking and snowshoeing!

Week 3: June 17-21

Location: Unaweep Canyon & Ruby Horsethief

Unaweep Canyon & Ruby Horsethief.jpg

Fees: $500 members / $500 non members

Science Curriculum: Rock n’ Waves

The only canyon on Earth with two mouths! The fascinating geologic wonder is a playground for geologists and cartographers. Students will study geology while rock climbing and botany while hiking. The second half of the camp will be on the Colorado River where students will paddle the Ruby Horsethief section of the Colorado River!

Week 4: June 24-28

Location: EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum & Vega State Park


Fees: $485 members / $585 non members

Ages: 4th & 5th Graders

Science Curriculum: EUREKA! / Vega Hybrid Expedition Camp – Environmental Science & Outdoor Recreation

This hybrid camp is specifically designed for incoming 4th and 5th graders!

Campers will have two days of environmental science camp at EUREKA!. Day 1 will focus on forestry, wildflowers, astronomy, entomology and during Day 2 campers will learn about backcountry safety, water & drinking in the outdoors, clothing, Leave No Trace principles, and nutrition. Then, we'll take our learning to the outdoors and spend THREE days and TWO nights experiencing what we learned in the classroom. We'll be camping at Vega State Park and enjoying hiking on the Grand Mesa, stand up paddle boarding, star gazing, and environmental science during this exciting science outdoor recreation camp!

Week 6: July 29 – Aug 2

Location: Leadville CMC

Leadville CMC.JPG

Fees: $450 members / $540 non members

Science Curriculum: Learning at Altitude

This camp is generously underwritten by the Teen Support Fund from the Western CO Community Foundation

Did you know Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the US, located at 10,152 feet? Stay in the dorms at Colorado Mountain College and learn about Leadville's unique mining history, fen wetlands, climate, geography, and ecosystem. This adventure based camp will include hiking, low ropes course, and a tour of the National Mining Museum.